Never-Ending Support for Protractor

With NES Protractor, projects built with Protractor will always have a fully secured and compliant version of Protractor. Even when the Protractor core team stops supporting older versions, NES Protractor will be supported by our team of Heroes.


With the close of 2022 behind us, Google & the Angular Community has ceased active development on Protractor and Long Term Support will end August 2023. Fear not, through our partnership with Google, HeroDevs will be offering NES Protractor free from August 2023 to July 2024, with commercial support being offered afterwards for years to come.

As Protractor approaches its natural End Of Life, we recommend all teams migrate to the fantastic testing tools offered by the Cypress team. In the meantime, Never-Ending Support from HeroDevs has your back! NES Protractor alleviates the need for a forced full migration, letting your teams continue to focus on delivering business value while leveraging your already existing test cases.

How does it work?

Setting up NES Protractor only takes a few minutes. And since we forked NES Protractor from the latest version of Protractor, we guarantee that it'll work out-of-the-box. To get setup: 

After sign up, setup and installation, you should expect to install updates regularly. These updates will contain fixes for security issues, as well as browser compatibility updates.

What are the benefits?

Browser Compatibility Checks

We make sure that NES Protractor runs the same tomorrow as it did today. With our nightly build and test processes, you'll sleep well knowing that your Protractor tests will keep running for years to come.

Security Fixes

Security vulnerabilities will continue to be found in unsupported software. With NES Protractor you'll be protected. We'll find, fix, release and report new security vulnerabilities for years past Protractor end of life.

Protractor + Cypress = ❤️

Looking to keep your investment in Protractor while writing all new tests on Cypress? Or maybe just cut your Protractor test times down by ~90%? NES Protractor: Endbridge lets your protractor tests run on top of Cypress' testing infrastructure with little-to-no modification required. Learn more about how you can start writing modern tests today!

SLA Compliance

Do you have an SLA with your clients to not ship unsupported libraries? Do you have FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA, or other compliance concerns? Our clients breeze past such concerns by having NES Protractor – a fully supported piece of software.

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