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After August 2023, Protractor will reach its end of life.
But don't worry about migrating all your tests to something else by then – continue running your tests in Protractor
for as long as you need. With NES Protractor your tests remain supported and secure.
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"We understand that some teams may not be ready to migrate away from Protractor at this time. We’ve partnered with the independent team at HeroDevs who will be creating a public fork of Protractor, which they will support long term."
Mark Thompson - Developer Advocate @ Angular Team


Stay secure without migrating
Do you have business goals you need to prioritize before
migrating your test environment?

With NES Protractor, your company can keep running your tests using Protractor with the peace of mind that your software stack is fully supported and secured.

No migration necessary.
Continuous source code scanning for vulnerabilities
Our proprietary scanning tools monitor for security vulnerabilities continuously, so you can rest easy knowing your application remains secure
Fixes within 14 days of vulnerability discovery
When we find a vulnerability or incompatibility, we create a fix, test it, and release it within 14 days of discovery
All package data stays in your network
With our on-prem license delivery, you don’t have to worry about any package data leaving your network when you install NES Protractor


Maintain Compatibility
With our nightly build and test processes, you'll sleep well knowing that your application will keep running in the latest versions of all major browsers and alongside other popular open source libraries.
Supported Browsers
Supported Open Source Libraries


SLA & Regulatory Compliance
Do you have an SLA with your clients to not ship unsupported libraries?

Do you have FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA, or other compliance concerns? 

Our clients breeze past such concerns by having NES Protractor – a fully supported and secured software library.


Switch in less than 5 minutes
Switching from Protractor to NES Protractor is done in three easy steps:
Sign up for NES Protractor
Configure NPM to use NES Protractor
NPM Install and run your tests
After sign up, setup and installation, you should expect to install updates regularly. These updates will contain fixes for security issues, as well as browser compatibility updates.


Ready for NES Protractor?


Contact Sales for Pricing

Billed annually. Priced per seat.

Includes 4 seats
Continuous vulnerability scanning
Modern browser compatibility
14-day critical path SLA


Contact Sales for Pricing

Billed annually. Priced per seat.

Includes 100 seats
Continuous vulnerability scanning
Modern browser compatibility
14-day critical path SLA
Dedicated account manager


Still want to migrate?
We get it – you can’t stay on an unsupported library forever. Hire our team of Heroes to help you plan, architect, and build your app migration so you don’t have to.
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