Drupal 7 NES

Never-Ending Support for Drupal 7

Drupal 7's official End of Life is coming January 5th, 2025.

Migrations away from Drupal 7 can be long, complicated and costly. Drupal 7 NES keeps your site secure, compatible, and compliant without the migration. Stay fully supported on Drupal 7 for as long as you need.

Drupal Association Certified Gold Badge

We're a certified Gold Partner and Support Partner of the Drupal Association.

Drupal is a fundamental technology that powers millions of the world’s websites. Many companies and organizations have invested years of development building sites on Drupal 7. With the end-of-life of Drupal 7 approaching, we’ve partnered with the Drupal Association to make sure those organizations have options. We are Drupal’s only certified extended support partner for Drupal 7. 

HeroDevs provides Never-Ending Support for massively adopted open source projects like AngularJS, Vue, Protractor, Bootstrap, and others. We have over 500 customers using our support to help them extend the runway for their EOL software.
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Trusted Team

Rooted in the Drupal Community
To guarantee the highest quality of service for Drupal 7 NES, we contract directly with active Drupal core contributors and Drupal 7 maintainers. These maintainers helped build Drupal, and know how to ensure that it is secure and compatible with critical platforms.
Fabian Franz
Drupal 7 Core Committer and Framework Manager
Greg Knaddison
Drupal Security Team Member
Jess (xjm)
Drupal Core Release Manager


Support for the Modules You Depend On
Each Drupal 7 site uses different modules. These modules are critical to the ecosystem and require the same support that Drupal 7 Core needs. On top of Drupal 7 Core support, HeroDevs also provides Never-Ending Support for hundreds of Drupal 7 modules.
Plus thousands more. Talk to one of our experts to get a full list of modules we support for Drupal 7.
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what is Drupal 7 nES?
Do you have SLAs in place that prevent you from shipping unsupported libraries?

Do you have FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA, or other compliance requirements?

If you’re worried about not being able to migrate away from Drupal 7 by January 5, 2025, Drupal 7 NES is right for you. We’ll ensure your project is secure and supported for as long as you need to complete the migration.
To offer Drupal 7 NES, we fork the Drupal 7 Core source code and provide:
Continuous source code scanning for vulnerabilities
Our proprietary scanning tools monitor for security vulnerabilities continuously, so you can rest easy knowing your Drupal 7 websites remain secure.
Scanning for incompatibilities with server and package dependencies
With every fix we publish, we ensure your Drupal 7 sites continue to work in modern browsers and on web servers like Ubuntu, Debian, Apache on Linux, and Nginx on Linux. We also make sure your Drupal 7 sites stay compatible with critical dependencies like PHP 7.
Customer portal to report issues
If you find a security issue or compatibility problem, you can report those issues through the customer portal where we’ll validate the issue and publish a fix if needed.


Ready for Drupal 7 NES?

Drupal 7 Core

Contact Sales for Pricing

Billed annually. Priced per seat and number of sites.

Compatible with Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu and CentOS), Windows Server, and MacOS Server
Compatible with PHP7
Compatible with modern browsers
14-day critical path SLA
Support for top 100 modules

Drupal 7 Essentials

Contact Sales for Pricing

Billed annually. Priced per seat.

Includes everything in Drupal 7 Core, plus security support for selected additional modules that are critical for extended Drupal 7 functionality.
Contact Sales for full list of supported modules.


Frequently Asked Questions
Below are common questions our customers have. Of course, we’re happy to meet with you and answer these and other questions you might have.
My website is hosted. Can I still use Drupal 7 NES?
I have clients that are on Drupal 7 that won’t be able to migrate before EOL. Do you work with agencies?
What modules do you support as part of Drupal 7 NES?
What if a module I need support for isn’t on your supported list?
How does the installation of Drupal 7 NES work?
We host our Drupal 7 site(s) internally. What server OS’s do you guarantee support for?
What PHP version(s) does Drupal 7 NES work with?
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Whether it's continuous support through our Never-Ending Support (NES) library or our unparalleled professional services to get you migrated and moving forward, HeroDevs is to the rescue!

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