Drupal 7 NES

Never-Ending Support for Drupal 7 by

Drupal 7 is dying. Your code doesn’t have to.

Upgrades and migrations are expensive. But security breaches and legal liability cost more.

Never-Ending Support for Drupal 7 from HeroDevs means no upgrade or migration necessary. Fully supported, fully secured, for as long as you need.
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Features Overview

Stay secure on Drupal 7 without migrating
Not ready to migrate away from Drupal 7?
With Drupal 7 NES, you can stay there forever.
Your company can keep running your website(s) on Drupal 7 with the peace of mind that our fork of Drupal 7 will continue to work securely with world-class support for as long as you need. No migration necessary.
Built by Drupal Core Team Members
Drupal 7 NES is built and maintained by core team members of Drupal 7 to ensure the same excellent quality of support you have come to expect over the years.
Expert Support
You're in the capable hands of HeroDevs' team, which includes renowned Drupal experts, core contributors, and Drupal Association members. Expect top-tier support and the quality care that the Drupal community trusts.
On-Premises Peace of Mind
With Drupal 7 NES, your package data never leaves your network. Our on-premises license delivery guarantees your data's security and privacy.
Proactive Security Fixes
Unsupported Drupal 7 means no security updates. Our proprietary scanning tool continually hunts for vulnerabilities.
Seamless Extension Compatibility
Drupal 7 NESmaintains compatibility with your essential Drupal 7 extensions. Contact us for a comprehensive list of supported extensions, ensuring your website's functionality endures.
Effortless Transition
Switching to Drupal 7 NES takes just 5 minutes or less.

The Cost of Inaction

Discover the consequences of staying on an unsupported Drupal 7 version.
Vulnerable to Cyberthreats

When Drupal 7 reaches end of life, security updates stop.

In 2017, Equifax was still using a deprecated version of Apache Struts web application framework. Hackers gained access to names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and other sensitive information of millions of people. That vulnerability had been patched in a newer version of the Struts framework. But Equifax failed to upgrade until it was too late.

Drupal 7 NES means ongoing security scans and vulnerability fixes. If a vulnerability is found, our team of Drupal core contributors will fix, test, and release a security patch within 14 days of vulnerability discovery.

Legal Liability

Are you bound by SLAs that mandate the use of supported software? Non-compliance can invite legal consequences, potentially leading to costly litigation. Ensure your digital operations remain within the bounds of the law.

Drupal 7 NES is fully supported, which means continued compliance with your SLA.

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