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Expert developers to help you save the day

Hire a team of Heroes to tackle your hardest frontend web app or website challenges.
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Migrate your frontend to Angular or React.


Help your application reach bigger scale with the latest frontend technology and tools.

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Hire experts to help your team solve the company’s biggest engineering problems.

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Augment your team of developers or just use ours. We fit right in.


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Head of Client Success
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Get extended long-term support for your AngularJS application to stay in security compliance.

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Try the first Jamstack platform for Angular to help your website achieve super speed. Free for everyone.

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The first Jamstack platform for Angular. Free for everyone.

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Come attend the world’s largest Angular conference, put on by the founder of HeroDevs. Be there August 2022.

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This is one of the smoothest projects we've ever done.
Ramya S.
Equitable Life of Canada

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