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ESLint Never-Ending Support (NES) from HeroDevs means you can stay secure, compatible, and compliant without migrating away.

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HeroDevs Partners with the OpenJS Foundation

HeroDevs is the founding member of the OpenJS Foundation’s Ecosystem Sustainability Program (ESP), which was developed to address critical issues within the JavaScript community – particularly those related to the maintenance and sustainability of open-source projects that have reached end-of-life. HeroDevs is also a Gold Member of the OpenJS Foundation.

As part of OpenJS ESP, HeroDevs offers Never-Ending Support for various projects and packages for OpenJS projects like ESLint and more.
ESLint NES is a secure drop-in replacement for ESLint and takes just a few minutes to set up.
Step 1
Update your npm
Step 2
Set up token
Step 3
Install & Run!

What is Never-Ending Support?

Security Fixes
A new version of ESLint NES will be released each time we find, validate, and fix a security issue.
Compatibility Fixes
ESLint NES ensures that your code continues to work seamlessly even after the software reaches its end of life, maintaining compatibility across all essential platforms and technologies.
SLA Compliance
Our SLA guarantees that your organization will be compliant with FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA and other compliance standards. Learn more.
Team of Experts
ESLint NES is built with advisement and consultation of core team members from Nuxt.
Easy to Install
Our simple drop-in replacement means all you have to do is change your npm and rebuild your project. No code changes or find & replace required.
Intellectual Property Protection
ESLint NES is not only secure; HeroDevs also offers enterprise-level protection for all products. Learn more.

Why HeroDevs?

We Partner With Core Contributors

We collaborate with the ESLint project to ensure our ESLint Never-Ending Support (NES) product is the same quality you’ve come to expect.

By involving core maintainers of the library, we set a new standard in open source software maintenance to ensure that ESLint NES is as dependable as the original technology it’s built on.

We Partner With Core Contributors

Our collaboration with jQuery's core contributors and our Gold sponsorship of the OpenJS Foundation directly enhance the reliability of our jQuery Never-Ending Support (NES) product

By involving the very groups that maintain the library, we ensure our NES offerings are not just up-to-date but also built upon the most stable, secure foundation possible. This unique approach guarantees that our products are as reliable as the core technology they support, setting a new standard in open-source software maintenance.

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We Give Back To Open Source

HeroDevs is deeply committed to the open-source community. We supported it through sponsorships, backing core contributors, and funding events that drive the ecosystem forward. Our engagement extends beyond financial contributions, embodying a commitment to the ongoing growth and innovation of open-source software. This holistic support ensures the vitality of the open-source movement, fostering an environment of collaboration and advancement.

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Defeat Your Technical Villains

Whether it's continuous support through our Never-Ending Support (NES) library or our unparalleled professional services to get you migrated and moving forward, HeroDevs is to the rescue!

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