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Navigating away from AngularJS presents challenges, especially when striving to maintain core business momentum. With NES AngularJS, keep your legacy projects in motion, devoid of the pressure to shift. With Never-Ending Support for AngularJS you stay fully supported, fully secured, for as long as you need.


The Benefits of AngularJS Support
Active Support for Compliance
Ensure continued compliance with customer SLAs and have confidence that your application will pass security and compliance audits, even as new vulnerabilities and exposures arise.
CVE and Stability Patches
Automatically protect your and your customers’ data from cyber-security vulnerabilities discovered now that Google's AngularJS support has ended.
Browser Compatibility
Ensure that your applications work as expected on all of your users’ major browsers, even as updates and new versions are released.
jQuery Compatibility
Know that you can keep up to date with jQuery security vulnerability patches without having to worry about compatibility issues with AngularJS.

AngularJS NES Essentials

Keep support for the libraries you depend on
AngularJS NES Essentials extends support to popular software packages that depend on AngularJS. With an Essentials subscription, patches to AngularJS NES are tested for compatibility with these packages. Vulnerabilities or browser incompatibilities discovered in those packages are patched within 14 days.

AngularJS NES Essentials includes continued support for these libraries:
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We’ve worked with companies across a variety of industries, from government and public sector to healthcare and higher education, to keep their AngularJS applications secure and functional.


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Billed annually. Priced per seat.

4 seats – additional seats available
Continuous vulnerability scanning
Modern browser compatibility
14-day critical path SLA


Contact Sales for Pricing

Billed annually. Priced per seat.

Includes 100 seats
Continuous vulnerability scanning
Modern browser compatibility
14-day critical path SLA
Dedicated account manager

Professional Services

Defeat your Technical Villains
HeroDevs helps companies manage end-of-life events in open source through expert engineering and thought leadership. With HeroDevs as your partner, you can easily navigate through your use of open source and the challenges that come with application modernization.

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