Enterprise-grade support and security for the open source packages your business depends on.

When the open source packages you use reach their end of life, HeroDevs’ Never-Ending Support is there to keep those packages supported and secure for as long as you need them.
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Technologies We Support
We offer NES licenses that actively support these technologies, with more on the way.
Spring NES
jQuery NES
Nuxt NES
Angular NES
Bootstrap NES
Protractor NES
Vue 2 NES
Vue 2
AngularJS NES
Drupal 7 NES
Drupal 7
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Stay on your open source libraries beyond their end of life
Continuous source code scanning for vulnerabilities
Stay compliant with PCI, HIPAA, FedRamp and others
Ensure full functionality with other critical library dependencies

Enterprise-Grade Open Source

With HeroDevs NES libraries you get peace of mind knowing that your open source stack stands up to the highest open source standards in the enterprise.
Commercial-grade service level

Experience unparalleled support and security for your open source libraries with HeroDevs NES. Our robust SLAs offer comprehensive protection beyond typical open source licenses. We ensure continuous scanning of code for vulnerabilities and promptly release fixes. Your reported security concerns? Addressed within the SLA-specified time window.

Dependency compatibility

Ensure seamless compatibility of your EOL open source libraries with vital platforms and critical libraries through HeroDevs NES. As browsers, databases, and operating systems evolve, your libraries remain operational. Our security updates are rigorously tested with popular third-party libraries to maintain perfect harmony.

Maintained by core contributors

All new code committed to the HeroDevs NES libraries is developed or reviewed by original open source library contributors. Each NES library has built-in maintainer redundancy to ensure prompt response to reported library issues.

Insurance and governance

HeroDevs functions as a fully insured and legally established corporation, governed by a board of directors, steadfastly upholding industry best practices. We adhere to top-tier corporate and government security standards, backed by essential business liability and security insurance – a prerequisite for most enterprises and government entities.


Switch to NES in Minutes
No code changes, onboarding calls, or hourly consults to switch to our Never-Ending Support products.
Alias our NES libraries over the EOL version in your package manager to simply rebuild and ship.
Step 1
Configure the project
# alias ‘example’ to ‘@neverendingsupport@example’ (TODO, update example)
npm i example@npm:@neverendingsupport/example
Step 2
Update your dependencies
# alias ‘example’ to ‘@neverendingsupport@example’ (TODO, update example)
npm i example@npm:@neverendingsupport/example
Step 3
Stay supported for as long as you need
# alias ‘example’ to ‘@neverendingsupport@example’ (TODO, update example)
npm i example@npm:@neverendingsupport/example


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