Never Ending Support
for Open Source Libraries

Never let an external requirement force a migrate/rewrite again! 

As any business owner knows, software is a crucial part of daily operations. It streamlines processes, helps teams collaborate, and generally makes things run more smoothly. But what happens when that software reaches its End Of Life?

Unfortunately, many open source frameworks and tools are only supported for a limited time. This means that when that support ends with an EOL event, any security vulnerabilities or bugs that arise will no longer be patched. This can leave your company vulnerable to attacks and disruptions in service, increase the risk of regulatory or compliance concerns, or even force your teams to spend months-to-years rewriting something that is not broken to begin with!

That's where HeroDevs' Never Ending Support comes in. We offer fully supported and maintained versions of popular Free Open Source Software (FOSS) frameworks, ensuring that your business has the stability and security it needs to thrive. With our long term support plans, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tools are always up to date and supported by a team of experts.

Don't let end of life software hold your business back. Choose HeroDevs for reliable, expertly maintained long term support.

HeroDevs NES supports Protractor, Vue, Angular, and Bootstrap with both Commercial & End Of Life packages.

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