May 23, 2024

Introducing Drupal 7 Never-Ending Support with HeroDevs

Life Beyond End of Life: Ensuring Security, Compliance, and Compatibility for Drupal 7 with HeroDevs
Introducing Drupal 7 Never-Ending Support with HeroDevs

As technology ages, maintaining older yet critical systems such as Drupal 7 becomes a primary concern for many businesses. With Drupal 7 approaching its end-of-life (EOL) in January 2025, HeroDevs is proud to introduce Drupal 7 Never-Ending-Support (NES).

Drupal 7 NES is a secure drop-in replacement that is easy to install and keeps your website secure, compliant, and compatible well beyond its official support period. Opting for Drupal 7 NES means there’s no need to rush costly and complex migrations. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly, allowing you to maintain current operations while planning future transitions at your own pace.

Understanding the Vulnerability Landscape in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 has been a reliable and powerful version of the Drupal content management system that thousands of websites have depended on worldwide since 2011. It was under Drupal 7 that Drupal became a widespread CMS used by millions of users and remains one of the most popular versions of Drupal. However, as its EOL nears, any sites using Drupal 7 face potential security risks, compatibility issues, and a lack of technical support. Without proper maintenance and updates, Drupal 7 websites could become vulnerable to cyber-attacks, experience functionality breakdowns, or fail to comply with new web standards and regulations.

Throughout the years, the Drupal ecosystem has been impacted by notable Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) which highlight the risks associated with runninging and maintaining unsupported versions.  

CVE-2014-3704 (Drupalgeddon):  Drupal 7 was vulnerable to a critical exploit allowing attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code through the Form API, thereby risking unauthorized access and compromise of Drupal sites.

CVE-2018-7600 (Drupalgeddon 2): A highly critical vulnerability affecting Drupal versions 7.x and 8.x allowed for remote code execution, enabling attackers to execute arbitrary code on Drupal sites and potentially leading to complete site compromise.

CVE-2014-3705: A SQL injection vulnerability affecting Drupal 7, identified concurrently with CVE-2014-3704, enabled attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands through unspecified vectors, posing risks of unauthorized access or data manipulation.

Operating on unsupported software could expose organizations to increased threats of data breaches, unauthorized access, and service disruptions. At HeroDevs, each vulnerability is addressed promptly – our team deploys patches and updates to all NES clients, ensuring systems are safeguarded against these and future vulnerabilities.

HeroDevs’ Comprehensive Drupal 7 NES

HeroDevs' Drupal 7 NES is a secure drop-in replacement for Drupal 7, extending the life of this crucial technology with comprehensive security, compliance and compatibility updates, including:

Security Fixes: We release an updated version of Drupal 7 NES each time we discover, validate, and fix a security issue.

SLA Compliance: Our SLA ensures compliance with major standards like FedRAMP, PCI, and HIPAA.

Expert Support: We work with core contributors and maintainers of Drupal 7, ensuring the same excellent quality of support you have come to expect from Drupal over the years.

Drupal 7 Module Support: Drupal Essentials NES fixes security and compatibility issues found in contributed modules you depend on.

Token-Based Access: We provide a token to access our secure drop-in replacement, making it easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure.

Special Focus on Drupal 7 Modules

A critical aspect of Drupal 7 NES focuses on ensuring the compatibility and security of contrib modules essential for site functionality. These modules, vital to the operation of many Drupal 7 websites, often face the risk of unaddressed security vulnerabilities. With this in mind, we are also introducing Drupal 7 Essentials. Here’s how this package addresses the vital role modules play in the Drupal ecosystem:

Module Security Patches: We provide essential updates to fix security vulnerabilities specific to contributed modules.

Compatibility Fixes: Ensuring modules work seamlessly with updated versions of PHP and other dependencies, maintaining site functionality, and preventing conflicts.

If you have more questions regarding modules, contact our team to learn more about module support.

Benefits of Choosing HeroDevs for Drupal 7 NES

Legacy Expertise: Our team’s comprehensive expertise ensures that old and new technologies seamlessly work together.

Partnerships with Core Contributors: HeroDevs collaborates with Drupal 7’s core contributors and maintainers. By pioneering their initiative to secure end-of-life open source software, we ensure that our solutions are up-to-date and built on the most stable and secure foundations.

Cost Efficiency: Extend the life of your existing Drupal 7 site affordably, avoiding the immediate financial burden of a total migration.

Reliability: With HeroDevs, you ensure that your site continues to operate efficiently, securely, and in compliance with modern standards.

Commitment to the Open Source Community

At HeroDevs, we're committed to supporting the open source community by providing financial support and resources that foster growth and sustainability. We are leading partners and sponsors of some of the most foundational projects in the open web including Vue.js, Angular, The OpenJS Foundation, Drupal Association, and many more. 

‍Sponsorships: Through all of our business activities we fund essential open source projects, helping to guarantee their ongoing development, success, and security into the future.

Supporting Contributors: We back the crucial contributors of these projects financially and through career development opportunities, enabling them to dedicate themselves to their innovative work. This ensures end users of open source have dedicated contributors who can continue to support the technology sustainably.

Community Events: We organize, sponsor, and participate in events that promote collaboration and innovation within the open source community, from conferences to workshops.

Ready for Drupal 7 NES?

If you’re still operating on Drupal 7, don’t wait for your site to become vulnerable. Contact HeroDevs today to learn how our NES can secure your applications against emerging threats. For more details and to get started, visit our Drupal 7 NES product page.


With HeroDevs' Never-Ending Support for Drupal 7, your organization can continue to leverage a proven and powerful platform without the disruptions typically associated with EOL software. Our dedicated focus on security updates, module support, and compatibility ensures that your Drupal 7 site remains a secure asset in your digital strategy while you plan your migration. Contact HeroDevs to secure the future of your Drupal 7 applications.

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About HeroDevs

HeroDevs partners with open-source authors to offer comprehensive solutions for sunsetted open-source software. Our Never-Ending Support products ensure businesses remain secure and compliant, even as their depended-upon open-source packages reach end-of-life. Alongside this, our elite team of software engineers and architects provides expert consulting and engineering services, assisting clients in migrating from deprecated packages and modernizing their technology stacks.

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HeroDevs Never Ending Support for Drupal 7 is a secure drop-in replacement that keeps your website secure, compliant and compatible while you plan your migration.
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