Jan 18, 2024

Introducing AngularJS NES + Essentials: Expanding Security for AngularJS Applications

Extending Security to AngularJS Essential Third-Party Libraries
Introducing AngularJS NES + Essentials: Expanding Security for AngularJS Applications

Welcome to the next phase of AngularJS support. HeroDevs is proud to introduce the AngularJS Never-Ending Support (NES) + Essentials package

With the Essentials add-on, we provide never-ending security support for 10 open source packages that depend on AngularJS.

In this post, we dive into its key features, why extending support for essential packages matters, and the impact for AngularJS users.

Unveiling AngularJS NES Essentials

AngularJS NES + Essentials is a significant enhancement to the existing AngularJS NES (formerly XLTS), crafted to broaden support across a wide range of open-source libraries critical to your AngularJS applications. It's the expanded support many of our customers have asked for — and that you may have been waiting for, too.

With the Essentials add-on, your security support extends to these AngularJS dependencies:

  1. Angular UI Router
  2. Angular Material
  3. Angular UI Bootstrap
  4. angular-filter
  5. angular-local-storage
  6. angular-moment
  7. angular-translate
  8. angular-translate-loader-static-files
  9. Protractor
  10. ui-select
  11. ui-sortable

The Importance of Extending AngularJS Support

Why extend support for AngularJS past the Core Framework? It's simple: many companies still rely on AngularJS, but face risks with related unsupported third-party libraries. These risks aren't just about functionality; they're about security vulnerabilities that can jeopardize entire systems.

The Essentials add-on is the solution to these challenges. With Essentials, businesses can ensure compliance and safeguard their operations against potential threats. 

At HeroDevs, our approach is always proactive. We're responding to current needs, and we're also anticipating future challenges in the AngularJS ecosystem. By extending support to these critical third-party dependencies, we're ensuring that AngularJS applications remain robust and secure, even as the technological landscape shifts. 

With AngularJS NES + Essentials, you're not just keeping up; you're staying ahead of the curve and avoiding any security challenges that may arise.

Implications of Extended Support for AngularJS Users

The extended support offered by AngularJS NES + Essentials has significant implications for both developers and leaders.

For Developers and Engineers

AngularJS NES + Essentials brings security not only to the AngularJS framework but to its most popular third-party libraries as well. 

This way, you can keep using your critical AngularJS dependencies without having to worry about replacing them or exposing your applications to security threats. You can now report to management that you have a plan in place for wider support for the EOL AngularJS libraries you’re using.

For Leadership

Using outdated software can introduce unintended risks into your business. Those risks, although technical, can have implications on your resources and legal position. The Essentials add-on mitigates these risks, offering a layer of security and compliance — a safeguard for your business's future while still building with deprecated open source software.

AngularJS NES + Essentials ensures the long-term viability and support of your chosen technology, AngularJS, giving you the confidence to make decisions that will stand the test of time.

How to Get Support for AngularJS Libraries

With its robust support for critical third-party packages and focus on security and compatibility, AngularJS NES + Essentials is the package that keeps your AngularJS projects thriving. HeroDevs is dedicated to supporting the vibrant AngularJS community with continuous innovation and support.

The Essentials can be purchased as an add-on to existing AngularJS NES (formerly XLTS) support products.

Eager to learn more? Discover all the third-party AngularJS libraries we support now.

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About HeroDevs

HeroDevs partners with open-source authors to offer comprehensive solutions for sunsetted open-source software. Our Never-Ending Support products ensure businesses remain secure and compliant, even as their depended-upon open-source packages reach end-of-life. Alongside this, our elite team of software engineers and architects provides expert consulting and engineering services, assisting clients in migrating from deprecated packages and modernizing their technology stacks.

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Learn how HeroDevs new AngularJS Never-Ending Support (NES) + Essentials product expands AngularJS support, offering robust security and compliance for both AngularJS and its essential third-party libraries. Ideal for developers and decision-makers, AJSE ensures your AngularJS applications remain future-proof, secure, and compliant.
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