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Jun 20, 2024

HeroDevs Partners with NUXT for Security Solutions Past End-of-Life

HeroDevs Partners with NuxtLabs to Provide Extended Support and Security for Nuxt 2 Beyond End-of-Life
HeroDevs Partners with NUXT for Security Solutions Past End-of-Life

HeroDevs is proud to partner with NuxtLabs to provide extended long-term support for Nuxt 2 with Nuxt Never-Ending Support (NES), a secure drop-in replacement. Nuxt 2 will end-of-life (EOL) on June 30, 2024. Past this point, if you have not updated to Nuxt 3, your application will be at risk of security, compliance, and compatibility issues without notification or patches.

For many companies, only using supported software is crucial to meeting regulatory requirements or company policies, even when using software with a strong track record of minimal security vulnerabilities, like Nuxt 2. 

With Nuxt NES, a secure drop-in replacement for Nuxt 2 that can be installed in minutes, you are able to regain security, compliance, and compatibility updates with the same stability you have expected since Nuxt 2’s launch in 2018.

“I am glad to partner with HeroDevs to give a secure solution to Nuxt 2 users & teams. I know that HeroDevs teams are reactive and well-trained, giving us more focus at Nuxt to shape the future of our framework,” Sebastien Chopin, Author of Nuxt, said.

Nuxt is a widely trusted, open-source framework designed to help users build powerful web applications and websites using Vue.js. Because of its intuitive design and powerful features, Nuxt quickly became a go-to solution for front-end teams. Nuxt 2 proved to be an extremely popular version, with over 400,000 weekly downloads, a statement of its ability to make web development simple and intuitive.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to give back to the Nuxt community, and this partnership will help us do just that,” said Joe Eames, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at HeroDevs

HeroDevs is dedicated to reinvesting a portion of its profits into the open-source community, furthering our mission to enhance security and compliance across the digital landscape. By supporting projects like Nuxt, we aim to foster a more secure and sustainable ecosystem for developers and businesses alike.

Visit for more information on how to get started with their supported version with Nuxt NES.

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HeroDevs partners with NuxtLabs to offer Nuxt Never-Ending Support (NES), a secure drop-in replacement for Nuxt 2. Ensure your applications remain secure and compliant after Nuxt 2's end-of-life on June 30, 2024, with ongoing updates and expert support from HeroDevs.
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