May 15, 2024

Angular 15 End-of-Life: Navigate Migration, Tackle Breaking Changes, and Ensure Ongoing Support with HeroDevs

Ensuring Seamless Transition and Continuous Support Beyond Angular 15’s EOL
Angular 15 End-of-Life: Navigate Migration, Tackle Breaking Changes, and Ensure Ongoing Support with HeroDevs

As the scheduled end-of-life (EOL) for Angular 15 approaches on May 18, 2024, it’s critical to understand the implications of this transition and how it can impact applications built with Angular and the users of those applications.

Understanding End-of-Life (EOL) in Open Source Software

Angular adheres to a versioning and releases policy that governs when versions are released and when they enter different support stages. Versions are Actively supported for the first 6 months after the initial release, after which that version will enter a long-term support (LTS) designation for the following 12 months. Effectively, each major version of Angular enjoys 18 months of support from the Angular team. Once the 18 months have expired, that major version of Angular reaches the end of life.

End-of-life (EOL) is a term used to describe the point at which a version of software no longer receives updates, including critical security patches, from the developers who created it. When a software reaches EOL, it means:

No Further Updates: The software will not receive any updates or bug fixes, regardless of the severity of any newly discovered issues.

No Security Patches: Perhaps most critically, there will be no patches for vulnerabilities that may be discovered post-EOL, increasing the risk of security breaches.

Limited Support: Official support channels often phase out assistance for EOL versions, directing focus and resources to current versions.

After May 18, 2024, Angular version 15 will be EOL, and all the above will apply according to Angular’s policies.

Implications of Staying on Angular 15 Post-EOL

If you have the time and the budget, it is recommended that users stay on the latest version of an actively maintained or an LTS version of Angular if possible. Continuing to use Angular 15 after it reaches EOL can carry risks:

Increased Security Risks: Without security updates, any new vulnerabilities found in Angular 15 will remain unpatched, exposing applications to potential exploits.

Compliance Violations: Many industries are governed by regulatory standards that require compliance with data security guidelines, which may be compromised by using outdated software.

Integration and Compatibility Issues: As other technologies continue to advance, an EOL Angular 15 may not function well with newer APIs, browsers, or dependencies, leading to performance and usability issues.

Breaking Changes with Upgrading to Latest Angular

HeroDevs recommends updating your application to the latest version of Angular for the reasons mentioned above, but while upgrading, some potential breaking changes may impact your updating initiatives. Here are some key issues your team will need to address while updating.

  • Usage of 3rd party libraries that still use View Engine will not be compatible as Angular has removed the Angular Compatibility Compiler (ngcc) in v16.
  • The minimum version of 2 key dependencies has gone up to if you are using a version of Node.js below v18.13.0 or TypeScript 5.2 you will need to upgrade them.

Other changes will need to be addressed, but the few just mentioned are the proverbial long poles in the tent. If you need assistance with migrating, contact our professional services.

HeroDevs NES: Ensuring Continuity and Security

Recognizing the challenges associated with software EOL and the fact that it is not always feasible to stay on the latest versions, HeroDevs offers a specialized Never-Ending Support program for all end-of-life versions of Angular, now including Angular 15! Angular NES is designed to address and mitigate the implications of EOL for businesses relying on this technology.

The following is what you get when using HeroDevs’ Never-Ending Support for Angular:

Continuous Security Monitoring and Patches

HeroDevs forks Angular v15 and monitors for vulnerabilities that could affect older versions of Angular and develops patches to address them, ensuring your applications using Angular NES remain secure against potential threats.

Compliance and Compatibility Assurance

Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that your applications continue to meet stringent industry compliance standards, helping you avoid potential fines and legal complications.

Future-Proof Compatibility: HeroDevs updates ensure that your Angular 15 applications remain compatible with other modern technologies, safeguarding functionality and user experience.

Expert Support Beyond EOL

Dedicated Expertise: Our team includes experts who specialize in Angular, providing top-tier support and maintenance for your Angular 15 applications.

Easy to Access Support Plans: As experts in securing EOL open-source software, we listen to and understand our customers' needs.  We prepare our security support plans to ensure that you receive the most relevant and effective support, quickly and easily.

Drop-in Replacement Installation: Angular NES is designed to be a drop-in replacement for your Angular installation. You will simply reconfigure to download HeroDevs Angular NES and grab updates as they come out. It is as easy as that, and if, for some reason, the installation hits a snag, you have 24/7 support at your disposal for help. 

Strategic Cost Management

Cost-Effective: HeroDevs NES offers a cost-efficient alternative to upgrading to a newer version, allowing you to extend the lifecycle of your current investments.

Flexible Migration or Update Planning: With ongoing support, you can plan any necessary migration or updates according to your business timeline and budget, without the pressure of the EOL deadline.


With HeroDevs, the EOL for Angular 15 does not have to mean the end of your application’s lifecycle. Our Never-Ending Support ensures that your applications remain secure, compliant, and fully operational, even as underlying technologies evolve.

Secure Your Applications Today

Don’t wait for Angular 15 to reach its end-of-life. Plan ahead of potential issues by partnering with HeroDevs for comprehensive support. Visit our website or contact our sales team for more information on how our NES can benefit your organization.

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HeroDevs partners with open-source authors to offer comprehensive solutions for sunsetted open-source software. Our Never-Ending Support products ensure businesses remain secure and compliant, even as their depended-upon open-source packages reach end-of-life. Alongside this, our elite team of software engineers and architects provides expert consulting and engineering services, assisting clients in migrating from deprecated packages and modernizing their technology stacks.

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