Never-Ending Support for VueJS

With NES Vue, projects built with VueJS will always have a fully secured and compliant version of Vue. Even when the Vue core team stops supporting older versions, NES Vue will be supported by our team of Heroes.

Vue v2

After December 31st 2023, Vue v2 will be out of support. But don't worry about migrating all your code to Vue v3 by then – get Never-Ending Support from HeroDevs. NES Vue costs a fraction of a full Vue v3 migration, and lets your teams focus on providing value to your business partners and end users.

How does it work?

Setting up NES Vue only takes a few minutes. And since we based NES Vue on the latest version of Vue v2, we guarantee that it'll work without a glitch. To get setup: 

After sign up, setup and installation, you should expect to install updates regularly. These updates will contain fixes for security issues, as well as browser compatibility updates.

What are the benefits?

Browser Compatibility Checks

We make sure that NES Vue runs the same tomorrow as it did today. With our nightly build and test processes, you'll sleep well knowing that Vue will keep running in the latest versions of all major browsers.

Security Fixes

Security vulnerabilities will continue to be found in unsupported software (see past Vue CVEs). With NES Vue you'll be protected. We'll find, fix, release and report new security vulnerabilities for years past the Vue end of life.

Migration Build Support

Using the Vue Migration Build is important for all Vue v2 projects. NES Vue is guaranteed to continue working with the Migration Build, even when the Migration Build (@vue/compat) is no longer supported.

SLA Compliance

Do you have an SLA with your clients to not ship unsupported libraries? Do you have FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA, or other compliance concerns? Our clients breeze past such concerns by having NES Vue – a fully supported piece of software.

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