Saving The Day When Your Open Source Software Gets Sunsetted.

Keep your end-of-Life open source packages fully secured and supported with HeroDevs, so you can Stay focused on what matters.



When your open source software is reaching end-of-life, you’re faced with a difficult decision: do you spend months or years of dev time migrating your code, or do you risk being non-compliant with industry regulations and your company’s SLAs? With the HeroDevs NES product line, you can stay on your sunsetted open source software while maintaining full compliance.
Continuous source code scanning for vulnerabilities
Installs in 5 minutes and never leaves your network
Scanning for possible IP infringement in your code
Checks for platform and 3rd-party library compatibility
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Never-Ending Support
In under 5 minutes, replace your dead OSS libraries with HeroDevs’ commercially supported open source packages
Software Stack Scanning
Need a better picture of your open source tech stack? Use our free tools to find vulnerabilities, unsupported software, and 3rd-party IP infringement
Consulting & Engineering
Do you have a sunsetted package you need to be rescued from? Hire our team of expert developers to help you migrate your code to the latest technology


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The HeroDevs team did an incredible job joining our effort and upgrading Angular to a supportable version. The team finished this work well ahead of their original timeline estimation, and the communication throughout the process regarding progress was stellar for the duration of the engagement. Would highly recommend HeroDevs for any code upgrades!
Working with HeroDevs has been a top-notch experience! Their developers acted as an extension of our team, focusing on tackling several complex framework problems while our internal team was able to continue focusing on business-critical problems. As a result, we completely overhauled our build tooling, integrated Vue 3 into our Angular.JS application, and migrated an existing Vue 2 project to Vue 3 with no disruption to our clients or our business.
The HeroDevs team has been excellent to work with. Their developers integrated into our environments, coordinated with our teams, and adapted to our needs. As a result, we were able to migrate our application off of AngularJS and on to Angular with new views and enhanced features.
Corteva Agriscience
Queensland Rail
NYC Department of Health
General Electric
Santander Bank


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