Legacy Protractor Tests + Modern Test Harnesses
Cypress, PlayWright, and more coming soon...

The problem: You now have double the test code

With Protractor going EOL, every new line of Protractor test code must be written twice; once today, and again in the near future for a modern and well supported test framework.

Projects are further hampered by the inability for Protractor and modern testing frameworks to exist in parallel, as namespaces and tooling collide. This means migration away requires dumping your tests or paying to rewrite them.

If only you could maintain your existing test suites while investing in new tests on modern technology...

Conduit Cypress Angular implementation

The Solution: Endbridge for Protractor

Endbridge is a single dependency, zero configuration, one-time install adapter that allows you to move your testing practice to a modern infrastructure without throwing out your existing value or forcing your team to rewrite a single test.

With a few tweaks of your dependencies, Endbridge will instrument your protractor tests to run side-by-side with Cypress – ZERO rewrites or find & replace hijinks required.

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Endbridge is still in Alpha, but we're always looking to collaborate with early adopters. Is your Protractor tech debt weighing you down?

Reach out to share your use cases with us and we'll get in touch. We're hoping to enroll Beta customers by the end of Q3 on a first-come first-serve basis.

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